Essentials for Board Orientation

In follow up to last month’s posting on board development, Margaret Sughrue Carlson shares best practices for orienting your new board members for success and the keys to running an effective board meeting.

As Margaret mentions in the video, using a dashboard at board meetings will help you present a clear and concise report on your alumni program’s progress on goals and objectives.

Download our Sample Dashboard for Board Meetings and customize it for your organization.


4 Comments on “Essentials for Board Orientation”

  1. Jon Ruzek says:

    Thank you! Very, very helpful!

  2. Thanks Margaret. Great tips.

    I think it is easy to underestimate the value of incorporating the “social time” you mentioned early on in the board orientation process and throughout their time together but I’ve found that, the better my board members know one another, the more productive our conversations, meetings and collaborations become. One challenge we’ve had with different working boards over the yeas is committee member productivity between meetings. It’s understandable. Our board members often volunteer and serve more than one organization, in addition to full time work, so making the best use of their time at meetings is essential to their full engagement.

    My current board incorporates 20-30 minutes for committees to meet as part of theit agenda, half way through a two hour full board meeting. When we come back to the full group, committee chairs report on their progress and plans and we look for collaborative opportunities together. This process has served us well in terms of advancing our projects and priorities while also supporting our efforts to get to know each other and increase engagement of all board members at each meeting, by moving from large to small groups and individual conversations and then back again.

    Thanks for the advice!

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