Using Instagram to Engage Alumni, and Other Ideas For Your Program

Whether you’re looking for new ideas for engaging your alumni or want to catch up on alumni-related news, you’ll find some interesting stories in the sources below.

Coming soon, we’ll be wrapping up our Board Development series with a video interview with Bob Stein, former Executive Director of the American Bar Association and chief volunteer of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Bob will share his insights on how alumni staff can effectively engage their top volunteer leaders. Don’t miss it!

Ideas in Practice

3 Ways to Use Instagram to Engage Alumni and Students

University of Missouri Roundtables Keep Alumni in Touch

Dartmouth Reunion Draws Over 2,000 Alumni

Why You Should Write a Job Description for Alumni Volunteers

In the News

Penn State Alumni Survey Finds Paterno Firing a Sore Subject

Boston College Alumnus Donates $15 Million for Alumni Center

Columbia University’s Global Centers Open Doors for Alumni Funding

Colleges Woo Tech Millionaires-in-Waiting


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