Ohio State’s New Membership Model, and Other Alumni Engagement News

In the News

A number of alumni associations are making headlines this summer:

The Ohio State University Alumni Association Drops Its Traditional Dues-paying Membership Model

Western Michigan University Breaks Private Gift Annual Record with $41M; Credits New Alumni Website for Boost

Alumni Voices Drive New Focus for Wisconsin Alumni Association

Focus on Young Alumni

Released earlier this summer, The Millennial Impact Report offers survey-based insights on how nonprofits should engage their younger audience (ages 20-35).
Read the full report or the summary by Inside Higher Ed and consider implications for your young alumni engagement efforts.

Stats to consider:

  • Communicating: 65% of survey respondents said they prefer to get information about organizations via their websites. The next highest, 55%, said they rely on social media, and 47% said they want updates via e-newsletters.
  • Volunteering: 45% said they want to help plan events and develop strategy on committees or small groups, and 40% said they wanted a chance to serve on a board or advisory committee.
  • Giving: When asked to choose the phrase that best describes their giving preferences, 42% of respondents chose, “I give to whatever inspires me at the moment.”

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