Beyond the Parade: Making the Most of Your Homecoming Grand Marshal

Homecoming season may be winding down at most institutions, but now is the perfect time to start planning for next year’s event. View our video on the Grand Marshal experience and scan the headlines below for homecoming news and ideas from around the country.

Making the Most of Your Homecoming Grand Marshal

One aspect of homecoming that may be under-utilized is the role of the grand marshal. Watch the video below to learn how you can use the grand marshal experience to honor or cultivate donors, volunteers, and university ambassadors.

Homecoming News and Ideas

Paying for Campus Pride at the University of Minnesota
Students want nationally recognized homecoming performers, but they’re paying in student service fees and ticket prices.

Winthrop University Combines Homecoming and Alumni Reunion
What was once two different events — the Alumni Reunion Celebration and Homecoming, is now combined into one three-day event spanning decades of graduates.

University of Kansas Celebrates Homecoming Centennial
Kansas University celebrated  its 100th homecoming with new twists on the event’s age-old traditions.

University of Arizona’s Homecoming Uses Mobile Tech and More
Arizona integrated mobile tech, a virtual homecoming program, and a well-produced promo video in their homecoming communications strategy.


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