5 Ways to Build a Partnership between Alumni Relations and Annual Giving

Alumni relations and annual giving can be a perfect match. If these units embrace cooperation and collaboration,  the university’s alumni engagement efforts will be more seamless and donor-centered.

BWF’s Heather Greig shares 5 ways these external relations units can work together to increase their effectiveness in alumni engagement.

In addition to Heather’s suggestions, consider these managerial approaches to strengthening the partnership:

  • Explore areas of overlap that can strengthen each unit, while bolstering the efforts of the other.
  • Define the expectations for your partnership; agree on what each unit will contribute, and follow through on that commitment.
  • Educate your staff on the unique role each unit plays in achieving the common goal of advancing the university.
  • Build in opportunities for ongoing communication, making sure goals and interests are still understood and aligned and that collaboration is active and dynamic.

Heather Greig is an annual giving consultant with Bentz Whaley Flessner and author of the AnnualGivingInsights blog.


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