Alumni Advocacy: Mobilizing for Impact

Hands Up

Advocacy is a growing area of focus for alumni organizations. It gives alumni the opportunity to stand up and speak out as key stakeholders in the future of their alma mater. In the video below, BWF consultant Margaret Sughrue Carlson shares 7 ways alumni advocacy can serve your institution.

Here are a few advocacy examples and resources:

A Little Help from Their Friends
This April 2013 CASE Currents article illustrates how institutions “build armies of alumni advocates to influence legislators and shape public opinion.”

Penn State Trustees Race Sees Reform Candidates Unseat Incumbents
Penn State alumni spoke with their ballots in the university’s heated board of trustees race, as three reform candidates endorsed by a grass-roots alumni group and the family of late coach Joe Paterno unseated the two incumbents in a landslide.

Sample Alumni Advocacy Websites 
University of Michigan Legislative Advocacy website presents 4 ways advocates can be involved.
The Carolina Action Network points alumni to their legislators and provides sample letters to representatives. It also features a slideshow showing the social media impact of Carolina Day, their annual day at the statehouse.

General Rules for Organizing for Legislative Advocacy
The Community Tool Box offers an in-depth guide to getting started in legislative advocacy. While not specific to alumni organizations, it offers tips on why and when you should engage in legislative advocacy, how to organize for activity, and how to approach legislators and other policymakers.



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