The Smell of Support, and Other Alumni Engagement News

Here’s a roundup of recent alumni engagement-related news.

The Smell of Support: Notre Dame Unveils Fragrance Line
Notre Dame alumni and fans have a new way to show their enthusiasm for the university. The Notre Dame fragrance line will be available this fall in his and hers fragrances: ND Gold Eau de Toilette and Lady Irish Eau de Parfum. Could this be a new gift idea for alumni volunteers?

Vanity Fair’s Alma Matters Poll
The May 2013 Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll surveyed alumni about their college days and their current views on the college experience. Of note:

  • 40% wish they had done more networking, and 48% wish they had done more studying. It may not be a coincidence, then, that networking and lifelong learning programs are often among the most requested alumni services.
  • Most college grads can’t name the current dean or president of their alma mater.

Read all the fun facts here, including which movie alumni wish their college experience had resembled.

The Most Academically And Athletically Dominant Colleges In America

BuzzFeedBuzzFeed plotted Forbes’ academic rankings of colleges and universities against USA Today’s tally of total athletic expenses (which doesn’t include private schools like Stanford or Notre Dame) to determine which schools value both athletics and academics. The University of Michigan tops the list, with the University of Florida and the University of Texas ranking 2nd and 3rd. See the infographic here.

The Alumni Reaction to MOOCs
A recent survey showed that more alumni than current college students think Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a good idea. But this support won’t necessarily translate into more donations. Just over 25% of alumni in the survey said they would be less likely to donate if their alma mater offered a MOOC, while only 13 percent said it would make them more likely to donate.


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