Alumni Relations News Roundup

Ohio State Launches Office to Connect Alumni with Volunteer Options

Ohio State University has launched a new tool to connect alumni and members of the Buckeye community with volunteer opportunities. This new portal (Volunteer Match) will enable alumni to choose specific areas of interest and allow for more extensive outreach, improved communication, and automated follow up.

Keep Your Alumni Engaged: Create a VC Fund for Them!

Josh Cline, President and CEO of The Cline Group International, discusses the effect of student loans and the decline of alumni engagement. To help improve the relationship between alumni and their institution, Cline suggests the creation of university-affiliated investment funds.

Increase in Student Transfers Worrying Alumni Offices

About 1 in 4 graduates will have transferred schools by the time they finish college. As the number of students transferring increases and the number of alumni decreases, what does this mean for alumni affinity and giving?

Harvard Recieves Largest-Ever Donation

Harvard alumnus Gerald Chan co-directs the Morningside Foundation, which donated $350 million to the university, making this the largest contribution in the institution’s history.



Image republished with permission of The Lantern,, Ohio State University. 


Ohio State’s New Membership Model, and Other Alumni Engagement News

In the News

A number of alumni associations are making headlines this summer:

The Ohio State University Alumni Association Drops Its Traditional Dues-paying Membership Model

Western Michigan University Breaks Private Gift Annual Record with $41M; Credits New Alumni Website for Boost

Alumni Voices Drive New Focus for Wisconsin Alumni Association

Focus on Young Alumni

Released earlier this summer, The Millennial Impact Report offers survey-based insights on how nonprofits should engage their younger audience (ages 20-35).
Read the full report or the summary by Inside Higher Ed and consider implications for your young alumni engagement efforts.

Stats to consider:

  • Communicating: 65% of survey respondents said they prefer to get information about organizations via their websites. The next highest, 55%, said they rely on social media, and 47% said they want updates via e-newsletters.
  • Volunteering: 45% said they want to help plan events and develop strategy on committees or small groups, and 40% said they wanted a chance to serve on a board or advisory committee.
  • Giving: When asked to choose the phrase that best describes their giving preferences, 42% of respondents chose, “I give to whatever inspires me at the moment.”